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Unable to drop/delete schema using phpmyadmin. How to drop using console in the wamp

Written by Kamlesh, Created on March 29, 2020
Tech & Coding

The database is not getting deleted from the phpmyadmin. Here you can see details procedure to delete the database instantly from phpmyadmin. Sometimes if dropping schema through the phpMyadmin taking to much time to delete a particular database, showing loading for a long time while dropping it. At last, a schema is not getting deleted. There is not any direct option available for the window user with xamp or wamp. Let's start, How to delete it...

Procedure to start dropping a particular database step by step.

Let's start, How to delete it...

  1. Left-click on the icon of wamp. You can see it right side at the taskbar in the window 10.

  2. Left-click on the "MySQL". Now Left-click on the "MySQL Console". The console will be opened. Enter the root password if asking it for a password. Type the following command...


    It will show you all the database name, which you have in your phpmyadmin database.

  4. Again run the command.

  5. Here "test" is the name of the database which we want to delete.


    Now you have deleted a selected database in a few seconds. Don't forget to add a semicolon to the end of the command. Note- If you get any issues, inform me on Facebook.

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