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How to host website Free

Written by Kamlesh, Created on March 26, 2020
Website, Technology

In recent days, I was searching for a free hosting website, but I didn't find any website, who is providing this type of facility. Today, I will tell you a 100% genuine free hosting website. You can host your website using your registered domain, so let's start to host the website with absolutely free. Firebase provides us free hosting facilities to host domain or website. It gives some basic commands to host our website online. We learn all the commands one by one in this tutorial. You can also host your app on the firebase. After some time, when you gain the user traffic, then you have to pay for the hosting. Firebase has a lot of the features like realtime Database update.
What is the realtime database update? It is very easy to understand. If you make an exchange in any node, all its children node will update automatically. For example- suppose one user (A) is accessing a particular post on a page and he makes like on that post. Same time if another user (B) is accessing the same post, this post will automatically update and showing one like on the same post to user (B).

How to start Free firebase hosting?

Let's configure Free firebase hosting

  1. Install your favorite editor or IDE in your computer for example- Atom, Visual Studio code extra.

    Download atom | Download Visual Studio code
  2. Install Nodejs in your computer

    Download Nodejs
  3. Install firebase cl now you open your node cmd in window or terminal in the ubuntu and run the following command.

  4. npm init

    Now you get the option to select the database, Firestore, hosting, storage. Select the required option otherwise, you can skip it.

    npm install --save firebase

  5. Sign in to Firebase using your Google account.

  6. Run The last command-

  7. firebase deploy

    Above command, you run whenever you will deploy ( or upload your website on the server) website on the server. Now your website is live free of cost. Enjoy!

For More Details check here Google Firebase Official Link

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